Friday, September 5, 2014

A Yankee Doodle Dandy Gluten Free Summer Trip Part I

The last trip we blogged about was to the Raleigh event on August 9, which was a great time had by all. But before that, Doodle and I took a week long adventure and drove to Hartford, Connecticut to set up our event there on October 5. That's a 12 hour haul from the mountains of NC equaling a whole lot of "Are we there yet?" and "Can I just see the GPS?" Overall, she complained less than on the road to Little Rock and we both have gotten used to being on the road together.

I figured we could do some exploring along the way to spice up her summer. The first stop, as we rode deep into the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, was our founding father Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello. If you haven't visited this incredible landmark to history, you definitely should. He was a fascinating character of a man and the tour of the house is full of factual historical tidbits.

Not a lot of allergen free options at the Cafe Monticello, but they do have them. They suggest you call ahead. We simply carried some snacks with us in our cooler in the car and snacked before going in. They have some scenic vistas and benches in the shade to munch a bite before the tour.

Scenes from Monticello

We left Monticello and trekked onward to Pennsylvania. My plan was to surprise Doodle with an educational stop in Amish country. We pulled into Lancaster, PA before nightfall. I scoured the internet for a few minutes and found John J Jeffries. This little jewel has a Chef who believes in Weston A. Price Foundation nutrition guidelines and is locally sourced, organic, sustainable and absolutely divine! 
Selection of allergen free varies as menu is seasonal, but you can bet you will leave here stuffed with real wholesome deliciously handled food. Vegetarian options as well

But the most amazing of all was the Lavender Honey Creme Brulee
They change to Pumpkin Brulee in the Autumn

Oh my, right?

The next morning, we rose early to drive into New Holland, PA. A couple years ago, I found this amazing Amish Gluten Free soft pretzel company online. I paid a staggering shipping cost to buy them as a treat for Doodle, because they are frozen and have to have next day air freight. It was worth it as a very rare treat to see her face light up. But you can also now purchase their mixes online and you should! 

She heated them, salted them and placed them in a bag for a 
very happy child with a container of mustard. 

With no time to waste, we said farewell to the Amish and headed Northeast. After 5 more hours and a stressful drive through New York City, we finally made it to Connecticut! I couldn't wait to get out of that car and neither could the tired teen. I knew she would trip out on my next find, so I secretly typed it into the GPS and hid it to keep her from knowing where we would stop next.

When you become allergen free, the thought of walking into a diner that serves hamburgers, sandwiches and fries, is usually a far away dream. The dream became a reality in West Haven, Connecticut thanks to Georgie's Diner, a staple to locals since 1956 with new owners who care.

Pictured L to R: Potato Soup, Traditional Club Sandwich, 
and a Turkey Burger, all gluten free. Their Gluten Free menu is huge!

We drove on into Hartford, road burnt, and ready for sleep to recharge. It is always exciting to learn about a new landing spot for a GFAF Wellness Event. Hartford would prove to be no different, especially with our Southern viewpoint of learning New England style food and products.

Join us next time as we head out and about in Hartford searching for the best of what they have locally and in allergen friendly fare.