Sunday, July 16, 2017

Raleigh NC Gluten & Allergen-Free Webcast - FODMAP Diet, Packing Lunches, Paleo, GF Sourdough & More!

It's been a long hiatus from events as we have enjoyed our summer so far. Hopefully you have enjoyed yours too. That's what summers are all about, but, time has flown by and we are planning for the second leg of our events this year.

We made a trip to Raleigh NC in preparation of the next Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event on August 12 at NC State Fairgrounds - Kerr Scott Bldg from 10 am - 4 pm. The Raleigh event has become one of our favorites of the year because Raleigh is an amazing city if you have to be gluten-free or allergy-free. They have so many options that they continuously remain on the top lists of towns to be in and eat out while accomodating multiple allergens. Many of the best of options available in Raleigh will be at our event, so we hope you will join us.

This will be the 6th year we have held the event in Raleigh and all of your favorite speakers and a couple new ones will round out a day of incredible info. As always, we are going to offer a free webcast right here on our blog so ou can preview the speakers information, learn some new things in a more relaxed setting (the comfort of your home or office), and decide who you want to spend time listening to at the show.

Raleigh GFAFEvent Webcast
July 31
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

This Presentation schedule for the day of event can be found HERE.
This webcast will include the following:

Beth Mincher
Elemental Wellness
“Aromatic Wellness - Using Essential Oils to Support Optimal Health”

Pam Jordan
I’m a Celiac
“Gluten Free Meal Planning and Packing Lunches”

Jennifer Cuevas
The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet
“Bridging the Divide from Gluten-Free to Grain-Free”

Tarah Jakubiak
Allergic Traveler
“Allergic Travelling”

Meg Huebner
Gluten Free Boulangerie
"Gluten-Free Sourdough: Recipes, Science, and Nutrition"