Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hartford CT Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event 2014 Recap

The Hartford Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event October 5 was a fantastic celebration that brought community, vendors and speakers together for a filled day of fun, great food, and making friends. The comments we received afterwards were a testament to how much the people of Hartford CT enjoyed the event. We appreciate every comment we get and couldn't do it without attendees, sponsors, vendors, and volunteers. Within this post we will highlight some of the local companies that made it such a success.

We have loved Aleias products since they first came onto the Southern market and were really excited to have them at the event. We never knew they offered so many products either and all of them were delicious! Their stuffing makes life wonderfully easy at the Holidays. From the packaging to the ingredients, you can feel good about purchasing these for your family.

When we first visited Nature's Grocer last summer, we were blown away at what a jewel the city has for shopping and purchasing treats. We sampled the best gluten free Blueberry Cake Doughnuts with icing we had ever tasted at this booth. That's no exaggeration. Their Rye-less Rye and bagels are huge local hits and many restaurants use them in their gluten free menus. We purchased a few goodies from them before leaving.

We purchased a few bags of Raw Food Central goodies to take home like their onion rings, kale chips, and so much more. Love these delicious raw foods that are dehydrated on a lower heat to retain nutrients. These guys know so much about raw food that they hold classes and all kinds of interesting informative education. Check them out!

Nothing like homemade marinara sauces that taste like they are homemade and not canned. Born and raised in Bracigliano, located in the Salerno region of Italy, the Capaccio family knows the importance of using only the freshest and finest ingredients when preparing authentic Italian dishes. They own the Roma Restaurant  locally where you can eat as well. We purchased their Arrustica sauce and you can too on their website

But we could not have had such an amazing event without our local sponsors, Bakery On Main, Pan De Oro Tortilla Chips, De Puma's Pasta, Suzie Uie, Ola Foods and Mo Pweeze Bakery. Their row stayed so packed the only pic we could get was the one above before the event started in full swing.
We took home some from each of them and raved about them the whole way home.

Bakery On Main had samples of their delicious and convenient Oatmeal to share. We took home a handful for school breakfasts on the go
Pan De Oro Tortilla Chips are now my new fave and am going to be asking for them in our local stores!
De Puma's Pasta served up delicious Cavatelli pasta. Trust me there is nothing like homemade pasta and we can't wait until we can ask for them here in NC
Suzie Uie was a bevy of delights but we bought their Chocolate covered Graham-less Grahams for the ride home
Mo' Pweeze Bakery was our stop in for cupcakes to go in exotic flavors like Chocolate Cherry, nomnom
Ola Foods had their handmade granola and we stocked up for the road. Delicious without all the additives, for sure.
IDLife did health assessments and gave us some meal replacement shakes that are awesome!

Last, but not least, Doodle worked at the Schar booth and made mad amounts of sandwiches. She loved every minute of it and did a fantastic job. She has claimed their bread as her new favorite and has been munching happily on it ever since we came home.

We can't wait to see Hartford again in 2015!