Saturday, October 29, 2016

Top 5 Allergy Friendly Halloween Tips

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, but the very nature of giving treats to children and adults presents the ever present danger of cross contamination. Here are our top 10 tips for getting through this holiday if you have little ones in your household.

1. There are many safe lists put out each year for treats. Hitting all top 8 allergens narrows the risk of a child being able to eat safely but does not account for a myriad of all allergens. In order to steer clear of all allergens, try non-food items for treat giving. The Teal Pumpkin Project advocates this very thing and participate by having a Teal Pumpkin on your doorstep

2. Plan an allergy free Halloween party for your kids and their friends who must eat allergen free also. Parties like this allow kids to feel as normal as the next kid on holidays that surround foods. Make it a pot luck and share spooktacular recipes with one another. Here are some Recipe Ideas
Sometimes there are local support groups that plan parties, check online.

3. If you plan on trick-or-treating anyway, have a plan to supervise snacking on treats only when you arrive back home where you can safely go through the candy trove before tearing into it. Parents can bring safe treats with them to delay the temptation of sneaking in an unsafe treat.

4. If you have to go to a non-allergy friendly party, say with a family member, bring a little treat bag with treats that mimic the treats provided. (example: a mini allergen free pizza, allergen free cupcakes, a treat bag made with safe treats for them to take home)

5. If makeup is also an issue, opt for a mask or a costume that uses hypoallergenic makeup like Fruiggi 

Fruiggi painted faces at Hartford GFAF Event

Most importantly, have fun and be safe!