Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Review Of A Year On The Road Eating Gluten Free

Everyone always gives us a hard time about all the delicious food we post about while we are on the road and showing our social media friends what we experience. You can blame me for that annoying trait, because I find every trip an adventure full of the opportunities to get to know where we are by the cultures of food available. But just because our food has to be gluten free, this provides more of a challenge. It requires spending a little time reading reviews and assessing whether the food will be safe or not. We also always have a back up plan in case the first choice isn't a good one.

While perusing the hundreds of pictures we take on each trip, I was faced with a huge amount of food pics and was stunned at the sheer volume! For people who claim having to limit their options, the reality is we had a year of incredible food laid out before us in each city. So, we compiled those pictures into a video, highlighting only the best of what we had eaten, to illustrate how amazing you can eat on simply gluten free. Hopefully this gives you all a positive boost that your options are expanding slowly as we all continue to make our gluten free voices heard.
Note: We did not have other allergens to be aware of.