Saturday, May 23, 2015

Gluten Free In Vegas, Baby!

Since I have been on the road and busy having shows, I didn't have a lot of time to take you on our adventures. Time to catch up...
We have had two incredible events since we last posted a review and there are some products that I must introduce you to as the favorites and new picks of choice. It's a great opportunity to feature the local picks as a way to highlight some of the lesser known companies who are out there trying to change the face of their communities with innovative products and services.

Las Vegas - I had the pleasure of experiencing some of the best of what the West Coast has to offer with our event held at the Suncoast Casino on April 18. Being that it was my first time in the gambling capital, I was excited to visit. Landing in a bowl of geographical land surrounded by stunning mountains wasn't quite what I had thought it would look like. So, I got my rental car and ventured out into Sin City.

There are all kinds of gluten-free options and menus in town, but I quickly learned that not all of them take it seriously and if it is a serious allergy, the options quickly diminish in most places. However, the service ethic where we visited was good and eating out wasn't a problem overall.
Some places we ate included: Jacques Cafe, Texas de Brazil, Great Grubbing Cafe, and a Chipotle.
But onto the vendors...

Moody Orchards was one of our most fascinating finds and introduced us to the ancient jewel of a product, mesquite flour. To the left you will see the pods that are ground into the flour and some eggs which Mark Moody says are the product his chickens make because they eat his mesquite flour as well.

Native American Indians have known about this nutritional powerhouse of a flour for eons, but it is a must try for those who are eating gluten free and want a product worthy of foodie status.

You can find a multitude of mesquite flour recipes on Pinterest. It has a sweet almost nutty and earthy flavor that works well in desserts, pancakes, and as seasoning in coating for your meats. Contact Moody Orchards and order some today!

The distinct pleasure was ours in meeting and trying Opa Helmut's Pure Organic Seasonings and Rubs. They were tasty, distinct, and a huge help when trying to spice up your food with something fresh and new. This family cares about the products they are producing and can be purchased online. It is with great urging that we encourage you to give them a go - You will thank us later:)

They also carry seasonings to make dips that are amazing in taste and all organic, just another reason they impress.

Brazi Bites are just too delicious to pass on. I think we all ate our weight in them and still wanted more! This cheesy Brazilian bread is light and fluffy pillows of gluten-free yumminess. They had garlic, bacon, and jalapeno flavored choices which were my faves. Look for them in your local stores if on the East coast, because they are coming!
The picture to left is one of their recipe ideas on their web site - get some Brazi inspiration when ordering.

Great Grubbing Cafe sells muffins that are filled with protein and one of the healthier products we have seen in a bakery. They focus on healthy meals, baked treats, cheesecake, and other items so that you can indulge with a whole lot less guilt. Their Kung Pao Chicken knocked my socks off with a clean spiciness without MSG and sugar. It is a must try when in Vegas, baby!

Did you miss Madelines? Well, have no fear because you may have gluten-free ones from UR Sweet Madness in Las Vegas. Yes, you may also have them shipped to you so please do yourself a favor and give yourself a treat by looking them up.

That's all for our Vegas adventure. In the next post, we travel to the city with the huge Arch - St Louis, MO. See you next time, right here, on Allergy Free Back Roads.